Toon CLB Biography 

Toon CLB is a rapper and songwriter from Atlanta, GA whose strong baritone flow and lyrical honesty draws comparisons to influential Southern rap powerhouses like T.I. and Yo Gotti. Toon was born and raised in ATL and was drawn to performing at an early age when his mother bought him a karaoke machine at 10. But even before he knew he wanted to be on stage, Toon was RHYMING all the time. The up-and-coming artist recalls many days spent on his porch trying to rhyme every word he spoke, soon discovering that lyrics and music allowed him to express things he might not be able to express otherwise. In school he began sharing his rhymes in the cafeteria, grabbing the attention of friends who encouraged him to pursue rapping for real. Soon what had once been a simple childhood habit of creating rhymes and poems blossomed into a rap career as Toon took his love of rhyming to the next level in the studio. 

Toon’s sound and street-life realness has been influenced by many ATL traditions and icons, but he still brings a voice that is all his own. His philosophy on expressing himself was inspired by T.I. because, as Toon has explained in interviews, “T.I. is the first rapper I really listened to. I’ve been influenced by the way he raps about the struggle and the way he came up. I like folks that come from the bottom and talk about the struggle they went through.” After finding his inspiration in artists like T.I. (and also OutKast’s Andre 3000 who inspired him to be an individual), Toon began recording tracks and sharing them with friends and loved ones as he refined his sound and his style. In 2018 he released his first big single, “Only,” a hard-hitting rap anthem that reminds listeners not to be blinded by success or struggle when you aren’t the only one who’s going through it. Toon CLB has even more heat to bring to the rap game in the coming months as he prepares to release videos and more music. Stay up to date on his rise to the top here à @ToonCLB